Spotlight – Jordan Secter, Principal

On starting Secter Environmental Design…

I started Secter Environmental Design in the spring of 2009 with a focus on participatory design that would bring people and places together. The goals are to work closely with the client and involve them at every step of the design process, plan spaces together, and translate their visions and ideas into real places. SED is strongly community and client driven and thrives on providing clients opportunities to immerse themselves in the context of their space. We work to give them access to a new way of thinking and experiencing their settings. And the best designs serve as a reflection of that process.

On design aesthetics…

An aesthetic that I’m drawn to is the northwestern craftsman style, which is rooted in this relationship with natural materials and textures, neutral tones, and simple lines. On the urban front, I’m attracted to mid-century modern designs with its emphases on minimalism and sleek simplicity.

On the job…

What has kept Secter strong is the energy that comes from working with people and achieving the kinds of results that capture your attention, engage the individual, and showcase ecological  function, form, sustainable materiality. There’s both a cultural and ecological foundation in the spaces we try to create in that it invites us to think about what we’re learning from and what we are a part of.

On the future of Secter…

The successes we’ve gained in the last few years have been profoundly surprising, given the nature and challenge of the business, but SED has really stuck to its guns and stayed focused on what we do well and taking on the types of projects that we are most interested in. Our work has remained deeply value based, emphasizing the role of people within the design process and linking their goals, interests, and ideas to create the best possible results. It is our job to make sure that their  visions are realized while ensuring that the spaces  function both socially and ecologically.

Now, we’re increasing our capabilities and communicating on a higher, more sophisticated plane. We’ve become more polished in our operations, and with more to offer.  Over the last 5 years we  have developed a strong, diversified portfolio of work. Currently, we’re writing scope for 6 new projects and looking forward to finishing a strong year of work and looking forward to a busy 2013.

At SED, our success has also contributed to our team’s commitment to a high quality of work. They represent the values we want to exhibit to our clients and to the community.  It’s an exciting time for everybody here at SED.

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