The future of soils

Soil health.

It’s not the most compelling combination of words.

But as seemingly tedious as the topic may be, most people don’t realize that soils are as vital to our existence as food and water. After all, most of the foods we consume literally come from the ground.

No conversation about environmental sustainability would be complete without an urgent discussion of soil biology. Healthy soils are fundamental to landscape regeneration and to our overall well-being. This, of course, shouldn’t be surprising news.

However, the realities of an increasingly parched and uncultivable landscape are weighing oppressively on agricultural and environmental efforts, restricting productivity and damaging microbial habitats that benefit our ecosystem. We owe our attention to these developments.

Below is a video that explains the critical role soils play in our daily lives. Sensitive, pressing, and intermittently poetic, it explores an overlooked problem that threatens our footing in the world.



  1. meghan lh bundtzen

    Wow! I look forward to sharing this video far and wide. The graphics are easy to follow and understand keeping me watching and curious. It could very easily be used for classrooms, I appreciated you posting this here and wish you much success on your journey.

    • secterenvironmentaldesign

      Thanks, Meghan! Glad you enjoyed the video and found it useful. You should definitely spread the message, especially in light of all the climate issues that have been coming to the forefront of major discussion lately. Keep your eye posted for more great stuff that we find all over the net!

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