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First Thursday @ Secter

We had a great event last Thursday for our grand opening at Valley Rowe/Collective 815. Check out a few of the snapshots from that evening:



Thank you to everybody who made it out last week to meet us! We look forward to hosting the next one.

Check out the rest of the photos from our evening on our Facebook page!

A recent publication in Society for Ecological Restoration text


Jordan’s piece about stream restoration, written with Dean Apostol, was recently featured in the second edition of “Ecological Restoration: Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession (Andre F. Clewell, James Aronson),” in which he examines the decline and later reformation of salmon population in the Siuslaw River.

The article is angled as a “virtual field trip” that takes the reader to the “experience” of the Siuslaw salmon restoration project. Secter and Apostol briefly examine the Siuslaw river ecosystem and reveal that the causes of salmon decline in one of the northwestern coast’s most naturally beautiful rivers include overfishing, dam construction, stream habitat degradation, and competition with farm-raised fish.

In 1992, the US Forest Service purchased the valley bottom of Karnwosky Creek, which joins the Siuslaw River estuary east of the Pacific Ocean. Secter details the restoration project that ensued, which featured much community support. Through collaborative efforts, Karnowsky Creek is internationally recognized as a successful restoration undertaking, with coho smolts now abundant in the recovered and salmon-friendly creek.

The field of ecological restoration has come a long way since it emerged as a subset of ecology in the 1980s. Though it remains a relatively young face in the larger field of environmental sciences and strategies, ecological restoration has gained with increasing force a unique stature, and Secter is proud to be a contributor!

We’re moving offices!

Beautiful chandelier lighting our new space.

Beautiful chandelier lighting our new space.

A new year marks new opportunities for growth. This year, we’re particularly excited because we’re moving offices!

After three and a half years on the Mezzanine in the Woodlark building on SW 9th and Alder, we’re ready for a bigger change than ever. Though we’re feeling slightly crushed that we’ll no longer be right across downtown’s food cart mecca, our new space is located at 815 NW Glisan Street in the heart of the Pearl District where it is surrounded by galleries, art, and local flavor!

We’ll be sharing the new space with a studio collective, comprised of Portland-based artists Pate Gonzalez and Kevin Van Driesche, whose art gallery Collective 815 occupies the floor directly below our new office. Their artworks are on display there, as well as a meticulously curated collection of local wares from Portland jewelry designers, vintage furniture and apparel, handcrafted gifts, and artisan-designed objects.

Handcrafted gifts, artisan designed objects, local wares.

Handcrafted gifts, artisan designed objects, local wares.

There is definitely a sense of a “coming together” in this new move. The shared space represents an integration of different creative visions, outlets, and sources, all of which, we’re sure, will fuel not only our work in landscape design, but Pate and Kevin’s creative projects as well. We believe this symbolic partnership will act and serve as mutual inspiration and incentive to do the best possible work we can. We are so excited to become a part of this stimulating and collaborative environment.

Stay tuned for updates on our move. We’ll be taking plenty of pictures of the process and getting familiar with the new space. Once we’re all moved in, we’d love to have you pop in and say hello!

Save the date: please join us for  our official opening on the first Thursday of Feb. 7 from 5-9 pm.

Spotlight – Charley Zheng, Marketing


Meet Charley Zheng, our marketing assistant at Secter. She’s been working with us for the past couple of months formulating content for the blog, our Facebook, and LinkedIn. A recent Lewis & Clark graduate, we took her on to help us fortify and maintain a strong presence in the industry, both online and offline. Here’s what she says about working together with the guys at Secter:

“I came into this experience with little to no knowledge about landscape design, and as a marketing assistant, I felt a little bit daunted by the fact that I needed to communicate what they do in the most compelling and convincing ways possible.

What has always been clear from the very start is Jordan’s command over his work. The guys at Secter know what they’re doing, and they are devoted to the processes of their work, and they generate thoughtful results to design problems. In my initial meeting with Jordan, in which I laid out, at the time, a tentative marketing strategy for the company, I told him what impressed me most about his business, and what distinguished Secter, was that it had almost a pedagogic approach. Secter seeks to create solutions that will last and that will bring attention to the ways in which space operates as important, functional, and meaningful extensions of our lives. Space is more that just that; it is a story both written and unwritten. Thinking about the land is a continuous act, and Jordan does it in a way that is different from, but not uncooperative with, the focus on urbanism and rapid development that is taking place in urban environments today. Secter explores and articulates the relationship we have with the places from which we came, the places we go to, and the places we see ourselves inhabiting in the future.

It’s great to see Jordan and Nate’s work out there. One of their most recently completed projects is in Fossil, the site of a new trail named after Bill Bowerman. These kinds of projects really support the fact that Jordan and Nate are working to give others opportunities to connect their lives with the landscape.

Since working with Secter, I’ve acquired a mountain of information, resources, and guidance. The work that Jordan and Nate do is infectious–I even found myself one day at a volunteer event at Forest Park, performing trail repair work on National Public Lands Day. This is important, because I’ll freely admit that I have not been especially inclined towards this kind of thing in the past–but that means the Secter philosophy is effective, and true. There is not a better time to examine, define, and redefine your relationship with the natural objects, space, and textures around you. Secter communicates and executes this very, very well.”

Fossil, Oregon – Bowerman Trail Under Construction!


Fossil, Oregon is the site of a project we’ve been working on since January. Our work is finally in the construction stage! We planned and designed the first loop of a nascent trail system and once completed, the Bowerman Trail (named after Bill Bowerman) will be Fossil’s very first recreational, pedestrian use route intended for hiking and running.


We were enlisted by Oregon State Parks and Recreation to plan this trail, and through extensive review and with in-depth input from the community, we generated a design that would make the trail accessible, user-friendly, and visually and environmentally responsible. The design works with intricate property lines while taking visual impact into consideration. For example, we’ve aligned the trail along the hillsides in such a way to prevent visual impairment, so that the route doesn’t hinder the value of the scene. Strategically located viewpoints will give way to notable scenes along the path, as less attractive viewsheds will be concealed via (potential) vegetation screens.

For the path itself, we’re utilizing locally gathered materials that will fit the context of the landscape and the community that inhabits it. Once completed, the Bowerman Trail will allow residents to partake in a healthy movement towards an active lifestyle and engagement with the outdoors. It will reinforce and integrate Fossil’s Old West roots and reintroduce its residents to the land.

We’re excited to see the construction completed (hopefully) by October!

Our new advertisement

Although a bit unfortunate to admit, we are nearing the end of the summer season. As the weather is making its last heated stretch towards autumn, we’re pulling up our shirt collars in anticipation for the next few months of work and new projects (we’ll also want to brace ourselves for the turtlenecks we might have to wear in the colder weather).  To announce our entry into the design visualization field, we’ve teamed up with Water Closet Media in creating a simple, straightforward advertisement that will be displayed at the Jeld-Wen field in Portland. We want it to stand for the growth we’ve experienced in the past year, and also to publicize the excitement we’re feeling for our next projects and our new clients.