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West Shore shoreline visualization

Nate just wrapped up this awesome photomerge simulation for our West Shore day use project. This is what the shoreline trail looks like currently:


This is what the trail will look like after we give it the Secter treatment:


Notice the big difference? The guard rail has been eliminated, replaced by materials (wood and corten steel) that work in concert with the surroundings. This separates the asphalt road from the compacted gravel, providing a safe border for pedestrians. Boulders line the edge on the right with added vegetation, enhancing the scenic value of the area. The result: looks and feels better.

We’re lucky to have Nate on the team for projects like these to help us evaluate and assess the visual impacts of a proposed development. It’s a huge boost to the area, don’t you think?

Spotlight – Nate Otani and Design Visualization


Meet Nate Otani, one of our talented associates. He’s also a design visualization artist who transforms 2-D concepts into 3-D experiences. He’s an integral part of our business, as he’s one of the many good reasons why we’ve been growing!

Nate is the brains, eyes, and hands behind visualization facilitation, which allows our clients to see their product or prototype before manufacturing. This is an extremely useful tool for designers as it can give them a deeper understanding of their project (or projects) during the conceptual stage of the design process. Clients can then decide if their project should be developed or if it should be assessed further.

Briefly, a few examples of his work:


Here, we worked with a client to determine and rate the visual and ecological impact associated with the development of a powerhouse on the Bowman Dam. Nate placed the development in its exact proposed location, and utilizing form, line, color, and texture, generated a product that was seen to be ecologically responsible and had a low visual impact.


The goal of the project pictured above was to take a conceptual design given to us by SUM Design Studio + architecture, design and develop landscape plans, and fully visualize the concepts. We were able to present SUM the personality of the design, how it will appear to the world, and the uniqueness of their ideas. Today, the private Loosemore residence is on its way to appearing in the real streets of our own SE Portland.

Nate’s services also include photomerge simulations, landscape amenity design, interior, exterior development, and product renderings.

We believe that design visualization is key to providing expert guidance to your project and development. With our background in landscape design and Nate’s powerhouse rendering skills, we’re your window on the future.

To learn more about Nate, go here.

To see, learn, and experience more of our 3D work, we encourage you to e-mail us at info@secterenvironmentaldesign.com or visit our website. We’ll be getting a design vis page up at the website so look out for more of Nate’s renderings.

Our new advertisement

Although a bit unfortunate to admit, we are nearing the end of the summer season. As the weather is making its last heated stretch towards autumn, we’re pulling up our shirt collars in anticipation for the next few months of work and new projects (we’ll also want to brace ourselves for the turtlenecks we might have to wear in the colder weather).  To announce our entry into the design visualization field, we’ve teamed up with Water Closet Media in creating a simple, straightforward advertisement that will be displayed at the Jeld-Wen field in Portland. We want it to stand for the growth we’ve experienced in the past year, and also to publicize the excitement we’re feeling for our next projects and our new clients.