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Timothy Lake signage


Trailhead signage kiosk at Timothy Lake designed by Jordan and Nate.

Here’s what Jordan says about the design:

“We wanted to keep it simple. The aesthetic is rustic but there’s a modern Northwestern flavor to it. We placed a high value on the setting in which the kiosk was going to be placed, so with context in mind, we wanted to design the kiosk with a metal mesh that would allow the boards to float on top and around the signage. Even when there is information displayed, there remains a visual connection to the landscape, which was the real priority behind the design.”

We love that this modern design holds that essence of penetrability which allows us to make associations between the kiosk and the land around it. Its wonder lies in the simplicity of the design, its friendship with the landscape, and its reference to contemporary Northwestern motifs.

Happy hiking/picknicking/camping (while the sunshine is still here)!