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Spotlight – Charley Zheng, Marketing


Meet Charley Zheng, our marketing assistant at Secter. She’s been working with us for the past couple of months formulating content for the blog, our Facebook, and LinkedIn. A recent Lewis & Clark graduate, we took her on to help us fortify and maintain a strong presence in the industry, both online and offline. Here’s what she says about working together with the guys at Secter:

“I came into this experience with little to no knowledge about landscape design, and as a marketing assistant, I felt a little bit daunted by the fact that I needed to communicate what they do in the most compelling and convincing ways possible.

What has always been clear from the very start is Jordan’s command over his work. The guys at Secter know what they’re doing, and they are devoted to the processes of their work, and they generate thoughtful results to design problems. In my initial meeting with Jordan, in which I laid out, at the time, a tentative marketing strategy for the company, I told him what impressed me most about his business, and what distinguished Secter, was that it had almost a pedagogic approach. Secter seeks to create solutions that will last and that will bring attention to the ways in which space operates as important, functional, and meaningful extensions of our lives. Space is more that just that; it is a story both written and unwritten. Thinking about the land is a continuous act, and Jordan does it in a way that is different from, but not uncooperative with, the focus on urbanism and rapid development that is taking place in urban environments today. Secter explores and articulates the relationship we have with the places from which we came, the places we go to, and the places we see ourselves inhabiting in the future.

It’s great to see Jordan and Nate’s work out there. One of their most recently completed projects is in Fossil, the site of a new trail named after Bill Bowerman. These kinds of projects really support the fact that Jordan and Nate are working to give others opportunities to connect their lives with the landscape.

Since working with Secter, I’ve acquired a mountain of information, resources, and guidance. The work that Jordan and Nate do is infectious–I even found myself one day at a volunteer event at Forest Park, performing trail repair work on National Public Lands Day. This is important, because I’ll freely admit that I have not been especially inclined towards this kind of thing in the past–but that means the Secter philosophy is effective, and true. There is not a better time to examine, define, and redefine your relationship with the natural objects, space, and textures around you. Secter communicates and executes this very, very well.”