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A recent publication in Society for Ecological Restoration text


Jordan’s piece about stream restoration, written with Dean Apostol, was recently featured in the second edition of “Ecological Restoration: Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession (Andre F. Clewell, James Aronson),” in which he examines the decline and later reformation of salmon population in the Siuslaw River.

The article is angled as a “virtual field trip” that takes the reader to the “experience” of the Siuslaw salmon restoration project. Secter and Apostol briefly examine the Siuslaw river ecosystem and reveal that the causes of salmon decline in one of the northwestern coast’s most naturally beautiful rivers include overfishing, dam construction, stream habitat degradation, and competition with farm-raised fish.

In 1992, the US Forest Service purchased the valley bottom of Karnwosky Creek, which joins the Siuslaw River estuary east of the Pacific Ocean. Secter details the restoration project that ensued, which featured much community support. Through collaborative efforts, Karnowsky Creek is internationally recognized as a successful restoration undertaking, with coho smolts now abundant in the recovered and salmon-friendly creek.

The field of ecological restoration has come a long way since it emerged as a subset of ecology in the 1980s. Though it remains a relatively young face in the larger field of environmental sciences and strategies, ecological restoration has gained with increasing force a unique stature, and Secter is proud to be a contributor!